We would like to welcome you to IMPARES®. Our collection was created with the current and modern tendencies along with the sensation of the changing fashion. We believe that to be impressive one must be diverse…be diverse…be IMPARES®.

Inspiration can come from the widest circumstances: from a simple daytime walk … in cities like Paris or Berlin, from an afternoon a visit to a contemporary art museum, or simply by observing people going to an important event.

To know how to blend IMPARES garments, “ripped jeans combined with a silk shirt, a fancy dress with a leather jacket, a T-shirt with a black jacket” means being unique!

To be impressive one must be diverse…be diverse…be IMPARES®.

marchio impares


IMPARES® was created by three hard working entrepreneurs that had and still have a lasting passion for fashion. This originates from the family owning clothing stores since the 1950’s.

The brand choice emphasizes this deep passionable knowledge and the desire to differentiate their product image from the general day to day attire.


The imprimatur of the stylist is Martha. She has Italian contacts in Florence and Milan, and with her constantly travelling to major cities in the world (Paris, London, Berlin, New York) allows her to be able to obtain the latest fashion trends ahead of time. These dynamic fashion collections are dedicated to young and vibrant women.

And precisely in this rapid and continuing transposition from the metropolitan world to the fashion world lies the very essence of the modern IMPARES®.

The latest worldly fashion trends is dedicated in collections which interpret the world of unique and distinct women and is presented monthly only in exclusive brand name IMPARES® stores.